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Learning Links

December 15, 2017

Learning Links

For future doctors and nurses (note: anatomically correct)
Human Body Maps
BioDigital Human
Anatomy Arcade

Oh!  The places you can go…
San Francisco Exploratorium - the museum of Science, Art and Human perception.
Planet Quest Alien Safari - the search for another Earth, and the spot to explore unique things about this Earth!
TimeSeach History - Search through History in timelines
Storyline Online – follow along with famous celebrities as they read your favorite children’s books
Art Museums (powered by Google)

Be word smart! – Literacy Links
ABCYa Educational Games – Kindergarten to Grade 5 games for practicing your skills
Puzzle Me Words – Kindergarten and Grade 1 letter and word recognition
Practicing Literacy Conventions
Leo Loves to Spell – (first letter sounds)
Reggie Loves to Rhyme – Identifying rhyming words
Nina Loves to Name Things – matching objects to places

Information Overload
Zomobo – Real Time Encyclopedia

Get some Number Sense
Shoot the multiple – Multiplication practice

Get Creative!
Crayola Digi-Color – Creativity at your fingerprints.
This is Sand – Taking sand to a new level.
PicassoHead – Follow in the footsteps of this great artist.
Lego Builder’s Island – Use Lego into the virtual world.

‘Ole Standbys (but stepped up a bit!)
Online Dictionary
Thesaurus Extraordinaire
Photographic Dictionary

 Spel Hellp
Spelling City
Fun Brain Spell Check
Game Aquarium Word Safari

For Nimble Fingers
Dance Mat Typing
Big Brown Bear Typing
Typing with Burton
Dance Mat Typing
Keyboarding Games
Keyboard Climber
E-Learning Keyboarding
FunSchool Keyboarding
Type Type Revolution
Learn 2 Type
Spell Dictator
Typing Adventurer
Typing Club

Talking Story Books
UK Literacy Zone