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Special Education

December 15, 2017

Special Education

Information for Parents of Children with Special Education Needs and Children with Exceptionalities

Tips and thoughts to keep in mind (which are good for all students ):

Positive ways that you can be an advocate for your child:

- Communicate with your school personnel – develop a positive relationship with staff.

- Acquaint yourself with your child’s teacher in September and continue to keep in close contact on a regular basis.

- Ask questions if you are concerned with your child’s program or learning.

Seek out Information:

- Learn the terminology

- Familiarize yourself with the IPRC process

- Come to meetings  prepared – know your rights and responsibilities

- Learn about your child’s concerns so that you can help them at home as much as possible

- Be open with suggestions to coaches, neighbours and relatives about strategies that work best for your child

- Maintain a file of school work and reports

- Understand your child’s learning style so that you can assist as much as possible in all areas of his/her life

Talk to your child about issues or concerns:

- Reassure your child that they are not lazy or dumb

- Help them to understand that learning is not impossible but is sometimes different from that of others

- Encourage them to be aware of their weaknesses and to seek help when needed

- Help them to become an advocate for themselves

- Include your child in the decision making process as much as possible

- Be prepared to deal with emotional issues as well as curriculum issues that may arise

Ways to help your child at home:

- Provide a quiet work area to focus on school work

- Develop a consistent homework routine

- Provide encouragement and praise

- Be available to answer questions

- Maintain a consistent approach between home and school for dealing with your child’s difficulties

 Resources that may help:

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

SNOW: Special Needs Ontario Window

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

Special Education: Resources for Parents